The Top Technology Trends You Need to Know about in 2020


Mind-blowing Technology Trends in 2020

The rate at which technology is evolving is incredibly fast. Every day developers come up with sophisticated new technology that confounds people around the globe. Here are some of the top technology trends in 2020 you ought to hear about courtesy of Gartner.


Hyperautomation is a process that involves the automation of several tasks in order to remove manual human involvement. This vision is that everything that can be automated, will be automated. From fast-food restaurant servers to fuel dispensers for your vehicle. The goal is to remove as much human assistance as possible.


Multiexperience is a technology that puts the power of multiple devices and applications all into one. It allows information from a multitude of sources to be accessed into one common place where a decision can be made in an instant. It can put together an order for a pizza, or some Chinese food based on wait time, costs of food, available drivers, drive time and other factors that could get you your food in the quickest, cheapest manner.

Human Augmentation

Human augmentation is a concept that is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. This is a technology that infuses a living being and a machine. A device is planted on or in the human and is directed by an outside computer to make necessary improvements such as cognitive and thinking processes. In other words, human augmentation is a technology that could assist in the decision-making process of people. This could be a good thing. This could be a bad thing. Either way, it is a reality and definitely a topic worthy of attention.

Autonomous Things

If you look up the definition of “autonomous” you will see that autonomy means to possess the ability self-govern. When they speak of “autonomous things” they are referring to pieces of machinery that have their own governing factors. They can think for themselves and do their own things without assistance. Some of these things are robots, drones, and vehicles. There is an ongoing argument that someday these things will eventually develop their own consciousness. Science so far has not been able to prove or disprove that consciousness is a substance that can be created. It looks like sometime in the near future we will know the answer.

AI Security

Of course with the practice of hyperautomation, the issue of security needs to be addressed. Technology is becoming so advanced that the possibility of robots and drones becoming security officers is closer than you think. The science that lies within AI is obtainable by anybody who can conceive it so that means criminals have access to it as well. In these times there are cybercriminals who use AI to hack into highly sensitive areas. The protectors of the law are in the process of implementing technology that will fight against this type of criminal. Authorities are trying to stay ahead of them in the race for advanced tactics.

Be Aware

Technology like this has the capacity to change the entire world as we know it. Being aware of it is a big deal, a lot of people don’t even know that stuff like this actually exists. There is much more growth to happen, these are just a few of the top ones that are trending today. It is good practice to stay on top of the current technology trends just to keep tabs on where your job might be going if the AI force takes over. You never know…