Why you Need Professional Web DesignWeb Design

Effective web design is the secret ingredient when it comes to SEO. When a website is built right search results soar. How the site looks in the front is only part of the story. If the developer knows what he or she is doing, search results skyrocket. If you find a web service company that can design beautiful websites, and show up in the search engines, you have found gold.

Correct Structure

At the back end of a website, there is a hidden structure. Written code plays a huge role in the way your browser translates the HTML. Thee are heading tags, supplemental heading tags, and also tags within pictures that carry words that the search engines use for results. The H1 tag is the most important tag in Google’s eyes, so it is the first thing it looks for. Whatever your H1 tag says should set the theme for the whole page and tell the audience what the page is about. There should only be one H1 per page, and that title should be what the page represents.

Image Alternative Word

Whenever you place an image into your pages it is important to provide alt image text. If for some reason the picture does not show, the text appears in its place. Also, when visually impaired people visit websites they can understand the pages by way of the alt image text. One neat trick of the SEO expert is to embed keywords into the images for the page so that the search engines find the keywords in the pages and produce results because of them.

Link Structure

One of the common practices of SEO experts is to properly structure links both outbound and inbound. When placing keywords into a page it is important to link the home page to the keywords in such a way that the link text contains the keyword. For example, if you look at the words “SEO experts” in the first sentence of this paragraph you can see it is a link to the home page. This is an inline link with keyword text, the search engines love these so it is all part of correctly developing an SEO friendly page.

Let the Experts Do It

Sacramento Web Services is an SEO guru company. For over 10 years we have been developing and implementing powerful, effective SEO strategies for businesses all around the Sacramento area. Contact us today for a consultation and an appointment.